Saturday, February 6, 2010

NEW MUSIC SEMINAR L.A. USB Recording available online

On February 2, 2010 we recorded the New Music Seminar in Los Angeles. The New Music Seminar USB sticks are available for sale on line now in the Aderra store. Here are the details:

Audio Recordings from the NEW MUSIC SEMINAR in Los Angeles, February 2, 2010.

You can Select either the full recording of all Movements, Keynotes and Tome Silverman's opening and closing remarks or you can select one of the following options:

Keynote - Daniel Ek - CEO Spotify

Movement 1 - Welcome to the New Music Business: Everything you know is Wrong

  • Tom Silverman - Tommy Boy Entertainment
  • Bryan Calhoun - Sound Exchange
  • Ian Rogers - Topspin
  • Michael Doernberg - Reverbnation
  • Bruce Houghton - Hypebot

Movement 2 - Expose Yourself! Why MySpace, Facebook and Twitter are not enough. Marketing in the new world; new old ways and old new ways to get exposure regardless of genre.

  • Jon Healey - Los Angeles Times
  • Corey Denis - Not Shocking LLC
  • Derek Sivers - CD Baby, Muckwork
  • Greg Estes - Mozes
  • Alex Patsavas - Chop Shop
  • Christina Calio - Microsoft

Movement 3 - The Creative Process and Radical Differentiation

  • Jason Bentley - KCRW
  • Justin Tranter - Semi Precious Weapons
  • Tom Jackson - Tom Jackson Productions
  • Rodney Jerkins - Producer

Movement 4 - Your Live Show and Tour: Simple Steps to Cut Through the Glut and Reach the Magic 300 Ticket Mark

  • Dave Lory - President DJL Liv Music Productions
  • Kevin Lyman - Warped Tour
  • Martin Atkins - Author
  • Elliott Lefko - AEG/Goldenvoice
  • Marty Winsch - Mountain Entertainment
  • Jon Pleeter - CAA

All options include the opening and closing remarks by Tom Silverman, the Full Seminar option includes an exclusive interview with Christina Calio of Microsoft.

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