Sunday, June 27, 2010

Aderra PushOvr™ technology powers: World's first ever Live performance streamed to inside an album.

Announcing PushOvr™.
Los Angeles, CA – In what could signal the breaking down of the wall between artists and their fans, SoCal garage-pop rockers KILLOLA ( have joined forces with Aderra, Inc. ( to create a multi-media, living and breathing electronic “umbilical cord” that instantly connects the creative process with the audience. Embracing USB/internet technology in a very fashion-forward manner, Killola and Aderra have introduced an immediate connection with their fans who purchase “Killola Dogtags” either from the band’s merch table while on the road or via the band’s website. While the dog tag may look like a mere trendy fan accoutrement with the band’s logo etched into the surface, it transforms into a matrix of ever-expanding music and video content when jacked into a computer. "Fearless Killola is forward thinking and dedicated to their fans,” affirms Aderra president Edward Donnelly. “Each time we introduce a new facet of our technology, they take full advantage and push it to the limit to create something that connects them directly to their fans."

Aderra, Inc. has been recording live concerts on USB drives for artists of all genres, such as Lady Gaga, Metallica, OK Go, The Pixies, David Guetta, Brian Wilson, and David Gray, but Killola is one of the first bands to embrace Aderra’s new PushOvr™ technology and take it even further. Instead of static MP3s and unevolving digital files that keep fans in anticipation for a band’s new album or recorded music, Killola will create a fluid and growing bridge between themselves and their fans, releasing new music and live performances AS THEY HAPPEN.

Fans who purchase the Killola USB dogtag receive not only the band’s new album, Let’s Get Associated, but also their previous studio albums (Louder! Louder! [2006] and I Am The Messer [2008]). In addition, when fans plug the USB drive into their computer, they also receive exclusive updates from the band including new songs, remixes, live recordings, music videos and photos. For example, once the band feels that a new song is ready to be sent to their fans, they can upload it onto their USB network, which then distributes it instantly to USB owners. “It’s not just MP3 files on a disk,” explains Killola frontwoman Lisa Rieffel. “The USB drive is interactive. It has sounds, pages, navigation, pictures, HD videos, hidden easter-eggs, and 'living' content. You can click through the Killola USB album for a good hour, just finding stuff and geeking-out on the experience.” Planned for debut on Thursday, July 22nd is the first streaming video of a “truly” live performance, which will be broadcast simultaneously worldwide and accessible only to fans with the USB. Let’s Get Associated will also be available via physical CD on August 10th, and digital distribution channels such as iTunes.

About Killola
Building on their Sparks-meets-The Stooges blend of pop-conscious garage rock is the independent band’s third full-length, Let’s Get Associated, which the band will self-release on August 10th. Recorded with producer Luke Tierney at Laurel Ceezy Studios, Let’s Get Associated features the single “Cracks In The Armor,” a bouncey gem that spawned an innovative video, which the band admits “looks like the Muppets, underwater on mescaline.” ( Not content with writing only the album, Killola also wrote the music for the upcoming feature-length musical film Girltrash: All Night Long, written by Angela Robinson (Showtime’s The L Word, HBO’s Hung), which stars Rieffel alongside Gabrielle Christian (South of Nowhere), Michelle Lombardo (Entourage, Quarterlife), Mandy Musgrave (South of Nowhere), Rose Rollins (The L Word), Kate French (One Tree Hill) and Clementine Ford (The L Word). In support of the new album, Killola have announced an album release show at West Hollywood’s Viper Room on July 15th, as well as a month’s worth of tour dates. See all tour dates below.

About Aderra
Aderra Inc. provides digital distribution of live concert recordings. They record a live show and instantly burn it to thousands of USB flash drives or send it straight to mobile phones for download. Aderra also produces and releases studio recordings, distributes artist merchandise on the road and online, and provide tour support services. Aderra’s unique technologies allow bands to create deep relationships with their fans.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

PushOvr™ - New Technology Development

We have launched our new PushOvr™ technology. Recent projects with Shooter Jennings, Killola, Crowded House, Public Enemy, Hot Water Music and the up coming New Music Seminar NYC have utilized PushOvr™ to send live captured content directly to USB users. In the coming weeks we will publish a full description of this powerful content delivery tool.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Instant USB at Gigs

Instant USB at Gigs

We are out making instant live recordings and behind the scenes videos on USB Flash Drives the Road with:
Nas and Damian Marley, Public Enemy, OK GO, Shooter Jennings, and Fuel.