Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The DRM walls are falling fast!

A lot of news about DRM free sales today:

Will.i.am from the Black Eyed Peas opened his own digital download store with all tracks available with Digital Rights Management(DRM) (DRM is anti-copying software designed to prevent piracy but actually just limits the types of device the file can be played on.)HERE is an article about it.
In a previously announced move, Wal-Mart began selling DRM downloads through it's online store today. This will include tracks for artists on both the EMI and Universal. HERE is the full article.
The Rolling Stones are included in the tracks available on Wal-Mart's service as well as on www.7digital.com. 7Digital is selling The Stones' albums from the early 70's through their latest a Bigger Bang. The tracks are in very high resolution MP3 format, 320kbps (roughly double the quality of a standard iTunes track.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Count your Carbon!

The National Forest Foundation in the U.S. has a carbon offset program that is geared toward improving our National Forests. On their website They have a "Carbon Calculator" that helps you determine what your household's carbon footprint is. A typical American is responsible for an average of 10.73 metric tons of carbon output per year. If you fly as often as I do that can quickly double or triple. After running the calculator you can place a donation for $6 per metric ton. This money is used to plant and maintain new trees in on U.S. land. Many other carbon offset programs are sued to plant new growth in other countries. While this is still helpful (carbon dioxide has no borders) it is an added benefit to improve our own park System while lower the impact of our domestic CO2 output.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Berlin Honors Zappa

The city of Berlin has honored the late Frank Zappa with a street bearing his name. read the full story HERE.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Record Label releases music ONLY on flash drives

Superfrothco has announced that they will issue all of their upcoming releases in USB flash drive format only. Read more here: Superfrothco

Thursday, July 26, 2007

New Music - Julia Albert

Julia Albert's New CD was recently released by Fresh Baked Music. The five song collection is a triumph of tasteful production and inventive songwriting. Industry vets Michael James and Urban Olsson handles mixing and production duties to bring out the best in Julia's already amazing voice. Watch for her live sets in Los Angeles: Saturday July 28th at the Hollywood Book Festival, 5PM; August 1 at the Derby in Los Feliz, 9PM and August 11 at Kulak's Woodshed 8PM (This show will also be simultaneously webcast). Her live band is Urban Olsson on Guitar and backing vocals , Allen Moreno on lead guitar and backing vocals and E.D. on percussion, electric sitar and lapsteel.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Amazing Canadian Group - Shaye

Shaye opened up for Willie Nelson on the Canadian leg of his latest tour. I was absolutely blown away by these three girls. Every note they sang was perfect, even at soundcheck. To top it off theoir songs are very strong. Listen to them on the Shaye Website

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Aderra Live in a Flash at Red Rocks with Big Head Todd and the Monsters

June 2, 2007 - The cold hail and rain that fell on the crowd at Red Rocks on Saturday night were beaten back by a blistering set by Big Head Todd and The Monsters. Playing at their annual charity show for Children's Hospital's Autism program, the band barnstormed through two hours of monster grooves including this smokin version of James Brown's classic Sex Machine. 8,000 of the band's hometown fans filled this unique venue to full capacity.

Aderra was there capturing every note. Fans were able to reserve a copy of the show by buying a wristband at the souvenir stands before the concert began. The wristbands could then be traded in for a "direct download" MP3 on a USB flash drive of the show on their way out of the ampitheater. In addition, fans who didn't reserve a copy before the set started were able to take this inspiring performance home by picking up a copy of the BHTM jumpdrive on the way to the parking lot.