Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Aderra Media Works!

We are a content creation and distribution company that is blacking out our website on Jan 18. to voice our opposition to SOPA/PIPA legislation in the United States.  (Ok, technically it will be more of a whiteout but we're pulling it down for the day.) Aderra media works hard on behalf of our clients to create revenue with their content.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Aderra & RTG Ventures Announce Joint Venture on Fan App

Los Angeles, CA -- (Jan 3rd, 2012) – Aderra, a state-of-the-art capture and content delivery firm for both entertainment and corporate live events, today announced a joint venture with RTG Ventures, Inc. for the specific purpose of developing a fan application (app) aimed at leveraging the global diversity to the fan base. A Letter of Intent has been agreed by both parties.

The announcement sees the fruition of a series of long awaited concepts that will be shaped to combine leading edge technology that address the needs of fans, artists and management alike. The app will encompass gig-goers, social location services as well as unique content and engagement that are potentially habit-changing for music fans.

Describing the genesis of the JV, Aderra CEO, Ed Donnelly commented: “Having met with RTG Ventures in Los Angeles in November we were impressed by the technology that RTG Ventures digital and development agency, Digital Clarity were developing. It was then that we explored using some elements of their technology platform to encompass in an app.”

Steve Baughman, who is spearheading the app's development, "Capturing that chemistry between an artist and his or her fan base is indescribable. There is a real desire of fans for a full experience which creatively goes beyond the music. When done right, the app will capture the essence of the artist and link it to the audience in whatever form it takes. And it crosses geography, demographics and expectations to meld the experience. To combine Aderra's rich history in music, now combined with a technology development and marketing partner in RTG/Digital Clarity, we are all looking forward to 2012."

Reggie James, Digital Clarity MD and SVP of Marketing & Communications at RTG Ventures said, “The ability to work closely with Aderra and have access to their wide range of diverse and major artists including; Metallica, Zac Brown Band, Mark Ronson, Smashing Pumpkins, and Deadmau5. The JV marks a major step forward in the growth plans for RTG Ventures with the ability to scale the business and avail these artists to the other major business focussed technology platform being built in addition to the app.”

About Aderra
Aderra is a state-of-the-art capture and content delivery firm for both entertainment and corporate live events. With its patent-pending technology, Aderra records any live event, concert or performance, duplicates thousands in minutes, which are then available for sale on custom branded flash drives before the audience has left the venue. Aderra’s turn-key operation provides everything from on the spot recording & editing to music licensing clearances, giving you an additional revenue stream from every live performance.

About RTG Ventures
RTG Ventures offers Music & Entertainment Technology Solutions and Digital Marketing Services. Harnessing the strength of its digital marketing agency, that has a trusted reputation over the last 8 years, the company has applied its knowledge process in developing cutting edge technology platforms for web, mobile and tablet devices.
Using Digital Clarity’s application in the Marketing and Social arena, RTG Ventures offers a unique value proposition of intelligent, analytics based technology solutions with the support of an experienced digital marketing team. RTG Ventures, Inc. is an OTC:QB company. Symbol RTGV.

Contact: Ed Donnelly
Email: ed.donnelly@aderra.net