Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Post about The Deadmau5 USB Drive

Jonathan over at CFGear wrote this story about the Custom USB flash drive Aderra made for Deadmau5:
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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

O.A.R. - All Sides Debuts on USB Wristbands!


O.A.R. Partners With Aderra To Offer Fans Live USB Recording Of Select “All Sides Summer Tour” Dates

July 23, 2008 – Everfine/Atlantic recording group O.A.R. have landed the highest album chart debut of their career with their sixth studio album, All Sides , grabbing the #13 spot on the Billboard 200 chart. All Sides also landed at #3 on Billboard’s Digital Album Chart as well as in the Top 10 in more than 20 major markets throughout the country, including New York, Washington D.C., Boston, and Chicago. All Sides is O.A.R.’s first new studio album since 2005’s popular breakthrough, Stories of a Stranger, which included the band’s hit singles “Love and Memories” and “Heard the World.” All Sides features the first single, “Shattered (Turn The Car Around),” which quickly became the most-added song at Hot AC and Triple A radio, while its companion video has jumped into Medium Rotation at VH1.

“We have so many people to thank for the debut of All Sides, most of all our fans for their unwavering support of our music through the years,” said O.A.R. “They make us feel as though we’re on top of the world.”

In other exciting news for the band, O.A.R. is announcing their partnership with Aderra (http://www.aderra.net/) to provide concert-goers of the band's “All Sides Summer Tour” with the chance to bring home a live recording of the show from that evening along with a copy of the band's new album, All Sides. Available at select performances beginning with the band’s July 24th concert in Chicago, the performances will be offered on a USB flash drive wristband at all venue merchandise locations.

“For us, performing live is about sharing experiences. Technology is all about convenience and being able to offer our shows on a USB flash drive? That’s all about the memories,” said Marc Roberge. “What a fantastic thing to be able to give back to our fans.”

For more information about O.A.R., go to www.ofarevolution.com.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

User Review of Live in a Flash USB Wristbands

An O.A.R. fan who was at the Jones Beach Show last Saturday has written a detailed review of Aderra's Live in a Flash O.A.R. All Sides USB Wristband:

Buy a recording of the show you just enjoyed

In this author’s humble opinion, the best and most innovative use of the USB wristband is to load them with recording’s of the same night’s performance. Soundboard technicians immediately load up the tiny devices with a recording of that night’s show, letting fans purchase a copy on their way out of the venue.

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Sunday, August 3, 2008

O.A.R. - USB Wristbands Extended to Saratoga Springs

O.A.R. have extended the Live in a Flash USB Wristband program on the ALL SIDES tour.
Live recordings of each show will be available through the Saratoga Springs, NY concert.
In addition to the live concert recording, the new Atlantic Records release, ALL SIDES is included on the USB wristbands.