Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The DRM walls are falling fast!

A lot of news about DRM free sales today:

Will.i.am from the Black Eyed Peas opened his own digital download store with all tracks available with Digital Rights Management(DRM) (DRM is anti-copying software designed to prevent piracy but actually just limits the types of device the file can be played on.)HERE is an article about it.
In a previously announced move, Wal-Mart began selling DRM downloads through it's online store today. This will include tracks for artists on both the EMI and Universal. HERE is the full article.
The Rolling Stones are included in the tracks available on Wal-Mart's service as well as on www.7digital.com. 7Digital is selling The Stones' albums from the early 70's through their latest a Bigger Bang. The tracks are in very high resolution MP3 format, 320kbps (roughly double the quality of a standard iTunes track.

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Anonymous said...

I read on GlobalGrind.com that Universal is going to start releasing albums and singles on flash drives...but will be charging more than a typical CD. I think its great for those who want the physical product, but too expensive!! Check out the site, its an interesting article.